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Solar Powered Sump Pumps
What an ingenious eco-idea, A Solar-Powered Sump Pump. Anyone who invents this will definitely become very rich. Think about it, there are millions of homes all over the world with sump pumps running 24 hours a day seven days a week pumping water out of their basements. Imagine the amount of electricity being wasted doing this. And then imagine that most of these people need to replace their pumps every 2-3 years due to mechanical failures of one sort or another. The consumers who want to use green renewable energy will buy up a solar powered sump pump for sure. If you are that eco-inventor, this domain name is for you and for sale, simply use the link below.

Be green and use renewable energy sources. Our energy sources are limited and getting more expensive. Start using green energy sources wherever possible. What exactly does it mean to be green when refering to your energy use? Well there a thousand ways but there are some great ideas listed on "Go Geen Arizona".